Using Social Media to Attract Customers

Did you know that you can beat your competition hands down if you start using social media to market your café? The number of people who use social media has been increasing, and this provides a good marketing platform without spending too much money on advertisements.

How to Use Social Media

  • Identify your target market: The first step when exploring social media to market your cafe is to segment your market and have a basic idea of who is likely to visit the cafe. This knowledge will help you identify the kind of social media platform to use. For instance, Instagram might be more effective for younger people, while Facebook and Twitter might work best for older people.
  • Be consistent: Businesses should do research on the appropriate ways to do social media, but more importantly, they should ensure that they are consistent with their posts so that they create a rapport with their target market.
  • Get the timing right: When posting about a cafe, it is important to learn when people are most likely to be looking for information about food. In most cases, it is always in the early morning, or during lunch hour. Schedule your posts so that you are discoverable when they need you.