Importance of Customer Service in Cafes

If you are in the hospitality industry, you should appreciate the value of good customer service. When customers walk into a cafe, they are coming for the whole experience. They become very frustrated when they are met with poor customer service. That is why it is advisable for all cafe owners in New Zealand and beyond to always do due diligence in ensuring they are hiring the right team to work at the cafe. They should also conduct regular training to remind their teams of the importance of good customer service.

Why it Matters

  • Boosts customer loyalty: People who are in business are always trying to boost loyalty of their customers so that they keep coming back. One of the sure ways of doing it is by ensuring good customer care.
  • Reduces conflict: Without good customer service at the cafe, there will always be complaints and demand for refunds, which can easily lead to losses. Some customers can escalate poor customer service into a legal issue, and this casts a bad image of the cafe.
  • Bad reviews: Reviews and rankings have become a big consideration that people put in place when they are choosing a cafe. If customers experience bad customer service, they will factor it into their ratings, and this puts the cafe in a negative light.

Word of mouth travels fast. One person experiencing poor customer service can spread like wildfire. This, when aided with digital platforms, is recipe for disaster. Every cafe owner must emphasise the importance of customer service to employees.